Jaramillo MITEI Profile

February 15, 2017

Professor Rafael Jaramillo was profiled in an MIT News article about new faculty who bring a wide array of energy interests and developments to the Institute.

“I try to find where the connections are between the scope of science, what you’re capable of at a university, and what matters for energy applications such as solar photovoltaics,” Jaramillo says. As a postdoc, he worked with Tonio Buonassisi, an MIT professor in mechanical engineering who is an expert in solar photovoltaics. “I really appreciate the real-world education I got in Tonio’s group,” Jaramillo says. “It taught me how to be opportunistic — how to define projects where all of those factors come together, and you can find a way to help.” - MIT News

Left to right: Gabriela Schlau-Cohen, Rafael Jaramillo, David Hsu, Nuno Loureiro

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