Ayr Muir, DMSE Alum, Presents at 2018 Science and Cooking Lecture

November 28, 2018

Clover Food Lab founder/CEO Ayr Muir joins famed chefs like Massimo Bottura and Wylie Dufresne as part of the 2018 Science and Cooking public lecture series at Harvard University. His focus? Using materials science to build more flavorful bread.
Muir, who received his degree in materials science and engineering from MIT, and went on to found the cult-favorite Clover Food Lab restaurant chain, will speak about innovative approaches to baking more flavorful bread.
Muir's lecture, "Gluten vs Fiber: Innovative Approaches to Baking More Flavorful Bread" will happen October 1st at 7pm at the Harvard Science Center. 

An arrangement of bowls and plates of varying sizes and designs.

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