3.70/3.18 class, Materials Science & Engineering of Clean Energy Technology

May 17, 2017

3.70/3.18 class, Materials Science & Engineering of Clean Energy Technology, will be presenting their projects as one-slide pitches and posters. This grad/undergrad class is part of the new Energy Studies Minor.

Please feel free to join us if you are interested in learning more about how this year's students analyzed the challenges and opportunities of materials innovation for energy conversion and storage technologies.

When & Where: Thursday 18 May, 1:30-3pm in Room 4-261

What: One slide "pitches" of each project from 1:30-2pm; poster discussions with refreshments from 2-3pm on the following student projects

  • Composite materials for wind turbine blades (Alexandra Zele)
  • Efficiency and outlook of perovskite solar cells (Alan Mohr)
  • Fabrication and integration of renewable energy sources in rural Russia (Irina Kantor)
  • Hydrogen storage technology - current state of carbon and lithium uses (Jonathan Slocum)
  • Materials challenges for US transportation electrification - lithium ion battery separator technologies (Stephen Filippone)

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