3.091 to be offered as part of MITx

July 23, 2012

This spring, MIT launched an online learning collaboration, edX, that will allow anyone, anywhere with an internet connection to take classes aimed at a college audience, for personal or professional advancement or for a certificate of completion. A version of 3.091 will be available through MITx, the MIT portion of edX, by October 15.

The online version will consist of short screencasts generated on a tablet with narration, similar in form to the Khan Academy videos, interspersed with ten-minute segments drawn from videotaped lectures. After each learning component, students will complete self-assessment exercises. Professor Michael Cima emphasizes that these exercises are more rigorous than a multiple-choice question, and are drawn from the more than forty years of problem sets in 3.091’s archives.

So far, twelve screencasts are completed and a total of thirty to forty will be available in the online course. Producers from edX will polish the final versions before October. These components were developed after recent MIT students were surveyed on how they best learn and how they use online materials to study.

The screencasts are available to the enrolled MIT students who also have access to recorded lectures on MIT Cable, handouts, material on OCW, and the traditional lectures and recitations as learning resources. 

See the MIT News Office for more about this fall's offerings and the latest developments in edX.

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