Carl V. Thompson




Professor Thompson and his students carry out research on thin films and nanostructures for use in micro- and nano-systems, especially electronic, electromechanical and electrochemical systems. His group carries out basic research on stress and structure evolution during growth of polycrystalline films, and on solid-state dewetting of thin films.  The former is especially important for applications in microelectromechanical devices and systems, and the latter is being explored as a new mechanism for patterning of thin films.  Prof. Thompson also carries out research on the mechanisms of carbon nanotube growth and  metal-catalyzed etching for creation of nanowire arrays.  Carbon nanotubes are used in ongoing research on Li-air batteries and nanowires are used in Li-ion batteries.  Research on Li-ion microbatteries and thermogalvanic energy harvesting devices for applications in autonomous microsystems are also under investigation.

Selected Publications

R.R. Mitchell, N. Yamamoto, H. Cebeci, B.L. Wardle, and C.V. Thompson, A Technique for Spatially-Resolved Contact Resistance-Free Electrical Conductivity Measurements of Aligned-Carbon Nanotube/Polymer Nanocomposites, Composites Science and Technology 74(24), 205-20 (2013).

R.R. Mitchell, B.M. Gallant, Y. Shao-Horn  and C.V. Thompson, Mechanisms of Morphological Evolution of Li2O2 Particles During Electrochemical Growth, J. Phys. Chem. Letts. 4, 1060 (2013).

R.V. Zucker, G.H. Kim, W.C. Carter, C.V. Thompson,  A model for solid state dewetting of a fully faceted thin film, Comptes Rendus de Physique 14, 564 (2013).

B.M. Gallant, D.G. Kwabi, R.R.  Mitchell, J. Zhao, C.V. Thompson, and Y. Shao-Horn, Influence of Li2O2 morphology on oxygen reduction and evolution kinetics in Li-O2 batteries, Energy and Environmental Science 6, 2518 (2013).


C. Q. Lai, He Cheng, W. K. Choi, and C.V. Thompson, Mechanics of Catalyst Motion during Metal Assisted Chemical Etching of Silicon, J. Phys. Chem. C 117, 20802 (2013).

S.T. Boles, C.V. Thompson, O. Kraft, and R. Mönig, In situ tensile and creep testing of lithiated silicon nanowires, Applied Physics Letters 103, 263906 (2013); 104, 099902 (2014).

F. Gao, S.C. Tan, J.A. del Alamo, C.V. Thompson, and T. Palacios, Impact of Water-Assisted Electrochemical Reactions on the OFF-State Degradation of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs, IEEE Trans. Electron Devices 61, 444 (2014).

H.Z. Yu and C.V. Thompson, Correlation of shape changes of grain surfaces and reversible stress evolution during interruptions of polycrystalline film growth, Appl. Phys. Letts. 104, 141913 (2014).

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