Christopher A. Schuh




Prof. Schuh’s group uses experiments, analytical theory, and computer simulations to explore the processing-structure-property relationships in structural metals. They are particularly interested in the role of structural disorder and its effect on mechanical properties. Their research covers many length scales, from long-range disorder in grain boundary networks, to the nanoscale disorder in amorphous and nanocrystalline alloys.

Selected Publications

Patala, S., Mason, J.K. and C.A. Schuh, “Improved Representations of Misorientation Information for Grain Boundary Science and Engineering”, Progress in Materials Science, 57, 1383-1425, 2012 

Ueland, S.M., Y. Chen and C.A. Schuh, “Oligocrystalline Shape Memory Alloys”, Advanced Functional Materials, 22, 2094-2099, 2012 

Lai, A., Du, Z., Gan, C.L. and C.A. Schuh, “Superelastic and Shape Memory Ceramics at Small Scales”, Science, 341, 1505-1508, 2013

Cross, S., Woollam, R.C., Shademan, S.S. and C.A. Schuh, “Computational Design and Optimization of Multilayered and Functionally Graded Corrosion Coatings”, Corrosion Science, 77, 297-307, 2013

Chookajorn, T., and C.A. Schuh, “Nanoscale Segregation Behavior and High-Temperature Stability of Nanocrystalline W-20 at.% Ti”, Acta Materialia, 73, 128-138, 2014 

Curriculum Vitae

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