Klavs F. Jensen




Prof. Jensen's research focuses on understanding and controlling the interaction of reaction and transport processes in the realization and testing of functional micro- and nano-structured materials and devices for chemical, biological, optical, electronic and energy applications. His group is exploring a wide range of microfabricated systems with particular emphasis on systems for which microfabrication provides unique process advantages in terms of novel processing conditions, manipulation of microstructure, and gain understanding of underlying physicochemical processes. For example, they exploit microfluidics in the synthesis of colloidal core-shell nanoparticles for optical, electronic, and catalytic applications at conditions difficult to achieve by conventional approaches. They also use detailed simulations of reactive systems, specifically simulation across multiple length and time scales, to complement experimental studies and gain new insight into the underlying basic physical and chemical rate processes.

Selected Publications

A. Sharei, J. Zoldan, A. Adamo, W.Y. Sim, Na. Cho, E. Jackson,  S. Mao, S. Schneider, M.-J. Han, A. Lytton-Jean, P. A. Basto, S. Jhunjhunwala, J. Lee, D.A. Heller, J. W. Kang, G.C. Hartoularos, K. S. Kim, D.G. Anderson, R.S. Langer, and K. F. Jensen,” A vector-free microfluidic platform for intracellular delivery,” PNAS 110 (6) 2082-2087 (2013).

S.G. Newman, and K.F. Jensen, “The role of flow in green chemistry and engineering,” Green Chem., 15, 1456-1472 (2013)

S.-K. Lee , J. Baek  and K.F. Jensen,” High throughput synthesis of uniform biocompatible polymer beads with high quantum dot loading using microfluidic jet-mode breakup,” Langmuir, 2014, 30 (8), 2216–2222.

P.L. Heider, S.C. Born, S. Basak, B. Benyahia, R. Lakerveld, H. Zhang, R. Hogan, L. Buchbinder, A. Wolfe, S. Mascia, J.M.B. Evans, T.F. Jamison, and K. F. Jensen, “Development of a Multi-Step Synthesis and Workup Sequence for an Integrated, Continuous Manufacturing Process of a Pharmaceutical,” Org. Proc. Dev. Res. 18 (3), pp 402–409 (2014).

N. de Mas, M.A Schmidt, and K.F Jensen, “Nested potassium hydroxide etching and protective coatings for silicon-basedmicroreactors,” J. Micromech. Microeng. 24 (2014) 035011

Curriculum Vitae

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