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Prof. Gradečak's research focuses on nano-photonics and electronics and is based on the synthesis, characterization and integration of low-dimensional systems. By taking the advantage of unique material properties on a nanoscale, she explores novel optoelectronic applications such as nanoscale light-emitting sources, single photon sources, or nanowire lasers.

Understanding the properties of such nanosystems requires multidisciplinary approach and new instrumental tools. Prof. Gradečak uses rational synthesis of free-standing nanoscale objects like nanocrystals, nanotubes, and nanowires and combine spectroscopic techniques, transport measurements and advanced electron microscopy techniques to directly correlate structural and physical properties on the nanometer scale. Experimental techniques and methodologies that are being developed as a part of her research endeavor are generally applicable to any material system where interplay between nanostructure, properties, and performance becomes significant.

Selected Publications

S. Ren, L.-Y. Chang, S. K. Lim, J. Zhao, M. Smith, N. Zhao, V. Bulović, M. Bawendi, S. Gradečak, "Inorganic-organic hybrid solar cell: bridging quantum dots to conjugated polymer nanowires", Nano Letters ASAP.

M. Brewster, X. Zhou, S. K. Lim, and S. Gradečak, "The Role of Au in the Growth and Nanoscale Optical Properties of ZnO Nanowires”, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2, 586-591 (2011).

S. Ren, N. Zhao, S. Crawford, M. Tambe, V. Bulović, and S. Gradečak, "Heterojunction photovoltaics using GaAs nanowires and conjugated polymers", Nano Letters, 11, 408-413 (2011).

M. Tambe, S. Ren, and S. Gradečak, "Effects of gold diffusion on n-type doping of GaAs nanowires", Nano Letters 10, 4584-4589 (2010).

S. K. Lim, M. Brewster, F. Qian, Y. Li, C. M. Lieber, and S. Gradečak, "Direct correlation between structural and optical properties of III-V nitride nanowire heterostructures with nanoscale resolution", Nano Letters 9, 3940-3944, 2009.

S. K. Lim, M. Tambe, M. Brewster, S. Gradečak, "Controlled growth of ternary alloy nanowires using metalorganic chemical vapor deposition", Nano Letters 8, 1386-1392 (2008).

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