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Professor Fink's research interests are in the theory, design, fabrication and characterization of multimaterial multifunctional fibers and fiber assemblies. Fibers are among the earliest forms of human expression, yet surprisingly have remained unchanged from ancient to modern times. Can fibers become highly functional devices? Can they see, hear, sense and communicate? Fink’s research group, fibers@mit, focuses on extending the frontiers of fiber materials from optical transmission to encompass electronic, optoelectronic and even acoustic properties. What makes these fibers unique is the combination of a multiplicity of disparate materials arranged in elaborate geometries with features down to 10 nanometers. Two complementary approaches towards realizing sophisticated functions are utilized: on the single-fiber level, the integration of a multiplicity of functional components into one fiber, and on the multiple-fiber level, the assembly of large-scale fiber arrays and fabrics. Fink’s multimaterial fibers offer unprecedented control over material properties and function on length scales spanning the nanometer to kilometer range.

Selected Publications

Fink, Y., Winn J.N., Fan, S., Michel, J., Chen, C., Joannopoulos, J.D., Thomas, E.L., "A Dielectric Omnidirectional Reflector," Science 282, 1679–1682, November 1998.

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Stolyarov, A.M., Wei, L., Shapira, O., Sorin, F., Chua S.L., Joannopoulos, J.D., Fink, Y., “Microfluidic directional emission control of an azimuthally polarized radial fibre laser,” Nature Photonics, 4, 4, 229-233, April 2012.

Kaufman, J.J., Tao, G., Shabahang, S., Banaei, E., Deng, D.S., Liang, X., Johnson, S.G., Fink, Y., Abouraddy, A. F., "Structured spheres generated by an in-fibre fluid instability," Nature, 487, 463-467, July 2012.

Gumennik, A.*, Wei, L.*, Lestoquoy, G.*, Stolyarov, A.M., Jia, X., Rekemeyer, P.H., Smith, M.J., Liang, X., Grena, B., Johnson, S. G., Gradečak, S., Abouraddy, A. F., Joannopoulos, J.D., Fink, Y. , “Silicon-in-silica spheres via axial thermal gradient in-fibre capillary instabilities,” Nature Communications, Vol 4, number:2216, DOI:doi:10.1038/ncomms3216, July 2013. *equal contribution

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