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Professor Fink's research interests are in the theory, design, fabrication and characterization of multimaterial multifunctional fibers and fiber assemblies. These exciting new materials are composed of conductors, semiconductors, and insulators with 10's-of-nanometers feature sizes. While sharing the basic semiconductor device attributes, they are processed using conventional fiber processing approaches thus yielding kilometers of precisely controlled fiber structures with engineered electronic, optical, thermal, and acoustic properties. Prof. Fink's research has led to entirely new classes of fiber devices including: wavelength-scalable hollow-core photonic bandgap transmission fibers; high-Q Fabry Perot fiber resonators; transverse surface emitting fiber lasers; and thermal and optical fiber detectors and fiber array systems. He was a recipient of the Weizmann Institute Amos De-Shalit Foundation Scholarship in 1992, was awarded the Hershel Rich Technion Innovation Competition in 1994, was a recipient of the Technology Review Award for the 100 Top Young Innovators in 1999, and was awarded the National Academy of Sciences Initiatives in Research Award for 2004. Professor Fink is a co-founder of a startup company, OmniGuide Inc (2000), and serves as its Chairman of the Board of Directors. He is the coauthor of more than 65 journal articles, and holds 44 issued U.S. patents on photonic fibers and devices.

Selected Publications

Fink, Y., Winn J.N., Fan, S., Michel, J., Chen, C., Joannopoulos, J.D., Thomas, E.L., "A Dielectric Omnidirectional Reflector," Science 282, 1679–1682, November 1998.

Hart, S.D., Maskaly, G.R., Temelkuran, B., Prideaux, P., Joannopoulos, J.D., Fink, Y., "External Reflection from Omnidirectional Dielectric Mirror Fibers," Science 296, 510–513, April 2002.

Temelkuran, B., Hart, S.D., Benoit, G., Joannopoulos, J.D., Fink, Y., "Wavelength Scalable Optical Fibers for CO2 Laser Transmission," Nature 420, 650–653, December 2002.

Bayindir, M., Sorin, F., Hart, S., Shapira, O., Joannopoulos, J.D., Fink, Y., "Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Optoelectronic Fibres," Nature, 431, 826–829, October 2004.

Bayindir, M., Shapira, O., Saygin-Hinczewski , D., Viens, J., Abouraddy, A.F., Joannopoulos, J.D., Fink, Y., "Integrated Fibers for Self Monitored Optical Transport," Nature Materials, 4, 820–824, October 2005.

Stolyarov, A.M., Wei, L., Shapira, O., Sorin, F., Chua S.L., Joannopoulos, J.D., Fink, Y., “Microfluidic directional emission control of an azimuthally polarized radial fibre laser,” Nature Photonics, 4, 4, 229-233, April 2012.

Kaufman, J.J., Tao, G., Shabahang, S., Banaei, E., Deng, D.S., Liang, X., Johnson, S.G., Fink, Y., Abouraddy, A. F., "Structured spheres generated by an in-fibre fluid instability," Nature, 487, 463-467, July 2012.


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