Joel P. Clark




Prof. Clark's current research involves analysis of the relationship between technology and economics in materials industries. The long term objectives of this research are twofold: (1) to establish a comprehensive and consistent framework for analyzing the markets for minerals over the next 10-20 years, and the costs of supplying these markets, (2) to apply this framework to the study of the dynamic behavior of supply, demand, and prices in specific materials markets. He aims to create a framework that can answer questions such as: How will the future costs and properties of new materials affect the competitive positions of existing materials industries, and how will they impact end use markets?; What would be the likely supply and demand responses in the event of significant supply or price disruptions and/or cartel actions?

Selected Publications

"Techno-Economic Issues in Materials Selection," ASM Handbook, Vol. 20, Materials Selection and Design (1996).

"Life Cycle Analysis and its Role in Product and Process Development," Journal of Evnironmentally Conscious Manufacturing: (1996) (with others).

"Bringing Light Weight Cars Down to Earth," Technology Review: 28–37 (January 1997) (with F.R. Field).

"Automotive Materials for the Future," Conference Proceedings, Auto Focus '97, Beyond Globalization: The Automotive Industry in the New Millenium. Birmingham, U.K., (Sept. 1997).

"Techno-Economic Issues in Materials Selection," in ASM Handbook, Vol. 20, Materials Selection and Design 256-265 (Dec. 1997) (with others).