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Existing extraction and manufacturing processes have been developed at a time of limited awareness of resources scarcity and environmental impact.  These two issues are encapsulated nowadays in the term sustainability, which encompasses a cost metric.  Unfortunately, most of the easy problems affecting the production as well as environmental costs of metals extraction and manufacturing have been solved. As of today, it is of critical importance to develop innovative approaches to cope with both increasing materials needs and earth intrinsic limitations.    

Prof. Allanore’s research applies to the development of sustainable materials extraction and manufacturing process. His predilection processing methods rely on, but are not limited to, using electricity as a mean to provide energetically efficient processes. Each research project combines theoretical approach (e.g., how does the flow of current can affect the performance of an electrolytic process) and phenomenological approach (e.g. what are the actual lab performance of the foreseen electrolytic process).

For mining, one approach consists in developing processing methods that provide maximum use of the elements composing the ore while minimize water usage, chemicals consumption and the amount of residue. In the field of metal extraction, the research focuses on developing innovative processes with higher productivity and metal quality, while targeting minimization of energy consumption and waste generation. On the manufacturing front, the current research aims at providing manufacturing methods that reduces the number of unit-operations, ultimately increasing the productivity and limiting the scrap-rate of manufacture-intensive business.

Selected Publications

A. Allanore, "Contribution of Electricity to Materials Processing: Historical and Current Perspectives", JOM, vol. 65, issue 2, 131, (2013)

H. Kim, J. Paramore, A. Allanore and D.R. Sadoway, “The influence of electrolyte basicity on the performance of an iridium anode for the electrolysis of molten iron oxide”, Journal of the Electrochemical Society, vol. 158, issue 10, 101, (2011)

A.Allanore, J. Feng, H. Lavelaine and K. Ogle, « The adsorption of hematite particles on steel in strongly alkaline electrolyte», Journal of the Electrochemical Society, vol. 157, issue 3, 24-30, (2010)

A. Allanore, H. Lavelaine, G. Valentin, J.P. Birat and F. Lapicque, « Observation of the reduction of iron oxide particles to metal in alkaline solution by electrolysis », Electrochimica Acta, vol. 55, issue 2, 4007- 4013, (2010)

H. Lavelaine and A. Allanore, « Optimized design of an iron electrowinning cell », Revue de Métallurgie, n°10, 460-471, (2009)

A. Allanore, H. Lavelaine, G. Valentin, J.P. Birat and F. Lapicque, « Iron metal production by bulk electrolysis of iron ore particles in aqueous media », Journal of the Electrochemical Society, vol. 155, 125-129, (2008)

A. Allanore, H. Lavelaine, G. Valentin, J.P. Birat and F. Lapicque, « Electrodeposition of metal iron from dissolved species in alkaline media », Journal of the Electrochemical Society, vol. 154, 187-193, (2007)

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