Contact DMSE

DMSE Administration

Prof. Chris Schuh, Department Head 617-452-2659

Prof. Caroline A. Ross, Assoc. Head 617-258-0223

DMSE Headquarters are on the first floor of Building 6 in room 6-113. The office phone number is 617-253-3300 and the fax number is 617-252-1175. 

Nathaniel Berndt, Headquarters Assistant 617-253-4864

DMSE Student Resources

Prof. Donald Sadoway, Chair of the Graduate Committee 617-253-3487

Prof. Geoffrey Beach, Chair of the Undergraduate Committee 617-258-0804

Ms. Angelita Mireles, Academic Administrator 617-253-3302

Ms. Elissa Haverty, Graduate Administrative Assistant 617-253-3855

Ms. Julia Hollingsworth-Brown, Undergraduate Administrative Assistant 617-258-5816

The DMSE Academic Office is in 6-107.

Graduate Admissions inquiries

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DMSE Computing Administration and Support

We would like to provide some clear guidelines regarding DMSE computer support. Joe Pitha is available12 hours per week: Monday 1–5, Tuesday 1–5, Thursday 1–5.


MIT software currently available for download 

Many answers to your common software questions, including software installation can be found on the IS&T website. Please note- Software purchasing (with exception of the above mentioned) and installation is the responsibility of each research group. The department does not provide support for this. We encourage everyone to utilize Ecat when making these purchases, as the prices are discounted.

Other Issues

If you are unable to resolve your computer hardware problems by utilizing IS&T’s website or Help desk (X3-1101, Email: computing-help (at), please send an e-mail to aso-net (at) Most hardware related inquiries such as printer problems and ALL urgent inquiries such as no access to e-mail, etc. should be directed to aso-net (at) Gracie White will serve as the initial Liaison for coordinating your requests in order of priority and your request will be placed in queue. Please remember to utilize MIT’s preferred printers and hardware. By using MIT’s preferred printers and hardware you make it easier for our computer technician to better assist when a problem arises. For urgent support during Joe’s off hours, please contact the main DITR Team at 617-258-5785 or via email: helpdesk (at) All other requests will be handled during Joe's regularly scheduled hours. Please also remember that our DITR contract only covers departmental administration and does not cover research related IT issues. For information about the services provided for the research community.

MIT's Administrative Services Organization (ASO)

ASO provides finance, personnel,and communications services to the faculty, staff and students of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (DMSE). Contact any ASO staff member to assist you with your administrative needs.

Laboratory for Advanced Materials
The Laboratory for Advanced Materials (LAM) opened in March 2010.